Criminal Justice System : A Social Problem Within The African American Community

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Any criminal justice system reflects its society and its times. Currently, in my culture, the African American culture, people commit crimes for the number one reason being to feed their families. What is considered a crime? How does the Criminal Justice System work? How is the amount of time determined? Why do African American get more time than the white man? Why are more black men in prison than any other ethnicities? The Criminal Justice System is a social problem within the African American community. The following are the social problems within the CJS, how they became social problems and why is the Criminal Justice Systems (CJS) bias towards African Americans.
Why is crime considered a social problem? Crime is any action banned by law. The United States Department of Justice website classifies crime by crime classification which consists of, “victimizations and incidents classified based upon detailed characteristics of the event provided by the respondent. Neither victims nor interviewers classify crimes at the time of interview. During data processing, a computer program classifies each event into one type of crime, based upon the entries on a number of items on the survey questionnaire. This ensures that similar events will be classified using a standard procedure. The glossary definition for each crime indicates the major characteristics required to be so classified. If an event can be classified as more than one type of crime, a hierarchy is used
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