Criminal Justice System : A System Of Law Enforcement

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The criminal justice system is a system of law enforcement that is directly involved in prosecuting, defending, sentencing, and punishing people suspected of crime or convicted of felony offenses. The criminal justice system is made of three major components; law enforcement, courts, and corrections. All have subcomponents that work together in order for the system to function properly and maintain order. The three major components have big backgrounds that lead up to the way they function now. The History of the Criminal Justice System The criminal justice system began simple and not as complex as it is now. This system is a law enforcement system that practices directed to upholding social control, decreasing crime, punishing those who violate laws with criminal penalties and use of rehabilitation. There are three major components that work together in order for the criminal justice to work. Law enforcement, which includes polices officers that ensure security, prevent and investigate crimes, and arrest individuals arrested of. Courts are another component that make up the system and is responsible for settling disputes and settle justice. Critical people and events consist in a court setting. Corrections are where offenders are turned over to. This is where the punishment of the offender is served. It also serves as protection for society to keep offenders out of public.
Law Enforcement Law enforcement is mainly consisted of policing. The development of
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