Criminal Justice System Discretion Analysis

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When it pertains to discretion, the criminal justice systems perspective is defined as being the authority in which is granted by the law as well as other officials to act on their own judgement in certain situations throughout the legal system (Williams, 2009). In order to maintain the best discretion possible within the criminal justice system, it is always necessary for those involved making the decisions to come to a conclusion based on the facts. If one mistake is made, an innocent man could be sent away to prison, or a guilty man can be set free.
In order to make the appropriate discretion, the background of the person, affidavits, evidence, and other factors could be involved (Williams, 2009). While making an arrest or issuing a citation,
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If these officers and others working within the criminal justice system abuse their right of discretion, it can cause much harm to the society as a whole (Herman, 2007). Maybe some think favoring someone who has committed an act against the law, just because they know them (family member or friend), is appropriate. In fact, this happens all the time and the society hurts from it. They are supposed to be setting an example of how the society should be abiding by the law not being the ones who are allowing for these crimes to continuously be…show more content…
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In the South, when it came to the development of the American policing standards, it was also known as the, (Slave Patrol) (Vaughn, 1999). This slave patrol was first established in California back in the 1970s. The primary functions of these slave patrols were to provide the society a form of terror that was organized while catching and returning escaped slaves, deter slave revolts, as well as to maintain and enforce discipline for the slave workers (Vaughn, 1999). Technology has also advanced quite drastically since the beginning.
Now officers are wearing camera’s on themselves rather just in the police patrol car for evidence that the vehicle camera may have not caught. Each time these advancements are implemented, police officers have to ensure they complete classes to ensure they are functioning and working the more advance equipment properly (Charles, 2002). They also have different weapons. Some of their weapons could be considered lethal and some are considered less than lethal but again it all is part of new developments and they have to be trained to use them. With all of the new technology advancements and new weapons police are constantly faced with dangers and new challenges (Charles,
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