Criminal Justice System

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Criminal Justice System
Jean H. Blanc
CRJ 100
Prof. McCarty

According to Shae Irving, the word “criminal” is describe as “the society’s belief that certain act are unacceptable and that any perpetrator should be punish” [ (Irving, 2008) ]. Enter the American Criminal Justice System. This paper will give a brief description of the Criminal Justice System and its purpose, and describe the key component of this system. It will also discuss the purpose and function of each component and their main responsibilities.

Criminal Justice System
Definition and goal. As described by author Frank Schmalleger, the criminal justice system is “the aggregate of all operating and administrative or technical support agencies
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Dr Schmalleger (2011) added that the courts also have for responsibilities to provide check on the exercise of power by other justice system agencies. Correctional Agencies. Correctional agencies are all those in correction and they include prison, probation, jail, parole, community-based sanction such as house arrest and electronic monitoring. Their primary purposes are to punish, rehabilitate, and to ensure public safety [ (Shilton, 1992) ]. Responsibilities as stated by Professor Daly (2012) are to hold people on remand, hold people who are sentence to a term of imprisonment, maintain appropriate conditions for those in custody, provide activities that encourage learning and life skills, prepare inmate for release. Conclusion. All three component of the criminal justice system have the same main objective: to ensure the law is respected, and to punish the offenders while protecting the right of citizens. Law enforcement officers will assess a crime first hand, conduct the proper investigation and prepare a solid case. The case will then be discussed in court where the accused will be evaluated by a jury of their peer in front of a judge. The court will ensure that the accused individual’s rights are respected, and enforce the sentence if the accused is guilty. If determined not guilty, the court will then dismiss the charge. Finally, correctional agencies will carry out the sentence imposed by the court.

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