Criminal Justice System

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One of the main objectives for the Criminal Justice System is to reduce the crime and the fire of crime. In order to achieve this it is using different agencies and the major of them are the Police, Prosecution, Courts, Prisons and Probation. They all are operating in synchrony for achieving their legal responsibilities and particularly for reducing the level of crime. The aim of this essay specifically is to discuss the functions of the police and how they actually fit with the objectives of the Criminal Justice System as a whole. The Criminal Justice System is focusing on the formal response to crime and is used with special regulations in different countries. In England and Wales ‘it is used to describe the institutions and agencies…show more content…
“Function implies that the role of the police is concentrated on the maintenance of law and order and the prevention end reduction of offences (Mawby cited by Newburn, 2009, pp16). Their functionality is necessary part for the Criminal Justice System role not only because are the largest agency within it, but also because are the primary to deal with the actual crime. The police of England and Wales have many responsibilities and functions which are attaching to them and they all fit with the crime control model of the Criminal Justice System. One of the major segments of the police work is the criminal investigation, which is significantly important for the crime control and is overwhelmingly reactive (Bayley cited by Newburn, 2009, pp576). Crime investigation is usable for identifications, collecting evidence, formulating theories and conformations. This police function helps for gathering information and filter it, which is and one of the characteristics of the crime control model (Taylor, 1996, pp156). Furthermore, ‘the main principle that underpins the system of criminal justice in England and Wales is adversarial justice’ (Davies et al, 1998, pp11). This actually means that the police need to identify the suspect from the available sufficient evidence. Crime prevention and control are automatically linked to the results of the crime investigation. In this relation the investigation purpose perfectly match within the criminal justice aim to control crime.
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