Criminal Justice System

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Based on those statistics, it's safe to believe that Norway's criminal justice system is doing something right. The few citizens that go to prison usually only go once. How does Norway achieve this? The country relies on a method called "restorative justice," which aims to repair the harm caused by crime rather than punish people. This system is purely focused on rehabilitating prisoners. The United States, on the other hand, places focus on incarceration and incapacitation. This is where the methodologies clash: should the criminal justice system be responsible for rehabilitating its citizens? The Norwegian government certainly thinks so. They accomplish their goal through a system of normalcy; “for Norway, removing people's freedom is…show more content…
If we treat people like animals when they are in prison they are likely to behave like animals. Here we pay attention to you as human beings” (Sterbenz, 2014). Bastoy has been labeled one of the most liberal prisons in the world. Prisoners and guards actually work as a team, tending to farm animals and chopping wood for the winter. They play cards, ski, cook, and take classes. Under Nilsen's tenue, Bastoy, “has received increasing global attention…for the humane conditions under which the prisoners live – in houses rather than cells in what resembles a cosy self-sustaining village” (James, 2013).
Bastoy was an experiment, and Norwegian officials hoped that it would rehabilitate prisoners and instill values like responsibility, trust, leadership, and accountability. The system is working. The reoffending rate from Bastoy is remarkably low at a mere 16%, which is 4 percentage points lower than the country of Norway, as a whole. It is clear, when looking at the results of Nilsen's approach, that the prison has successfully lowered recidivism rates.
All of these traits are vastly different from the US prison system. In general, prison should have five goals, as described by criminologist Bob Cameron: retribution, incapacitation, deterrence, restoration, and rehabilitation. In his words though, “Americans want their prisoners punished first and rehabilitated second” (Cameron, 2014). Norway adopts a less punitive approach. A 2007 report on recidivism by the US

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