Criminal Justice System Serves As America 's Backbone Of The Police Force

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he Criminal Justice System serves as America’s backbone of the police force. When a crime is committed there are certain steps that must be taken in order to either prove innocence or guilt of the suspect or suspects. Some of these procedures may differ by state. The first part of this process requires that a crime is committed. Either a witness must notify the police by dialing 911, or the officer must witness the crime in person for the investigation process to begin, if the crime is not reported, there is no investigation to take place.

After the crime is first reported, the law enforcement officers must open an investigation. Within the investigation, witnesses must be interviewed separately by police, along with the victims, and suspects. Crime scene technicians should also be contacted to collect any type of evidence from DNA, fingerprints, and blood samples. After possible incriminating evidence is collected, it must be sent back to the lab for testing.

After opening an investigation if there is evidence that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime has been committed, the officer must then obtain an arrest warrant from the prosecuting attorney. A officer may make an arrest without a warrant if it is believed a crime has been committed beyond a reasonable doubt, this is also known as probable cause. The arresting officer must later submit a request to the prosecuting attorney for an arrest warrant.

If the prosecuting attorney believes a crime

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