Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation

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CJA 394 WEEK 1 Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation

Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation
John Doe
CJA 394
October 01, 2001
Jane Doedy

Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation
The criminal justice system is forever adjusting to protect and serve a changing society. The paper evaluates, identifies and assesses recent future and current trends affecting the criminal justice system. Lastly, it defines the values of the system in a changing society.
Recent trends affecting the criminal justice system are related to gender and racial barriers. According to Roslyn Muraskin and Albert R. Roberts (2009 ), assessments of statuses of women and minorities in police work shows that there are obstacles in official and informal structures of police
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Roberts (2009 ), as jobs in the private sector pay higher wages, and develop higher-skill jobs, talent in traditional criminal justice settings will experience difficulty attracting personnel with such skills because police and corrections agencies will not be able to compete with competitive pay. What is more, another portion of the worker pool will be a large number of workers who are semiskilled, and unskilled. The criminal justice workplace may also be limited to more qualified workers because of displacement by reengineering. Given the smaller labor pool in the private sector, most highly qualified workers will seek employment. In the criminal justice workforce, entry level jobs will decline. Reengineering or a slowing of economic growth will stalls new job creation, and the criminal justice system will be forced to recruit from a labor pool with less qualifications. Some employees that are potential candidates to work in the criminal justice workplace for less pay are women, minorities, and immigrants.
Another future trend affecting the criminal justice system is related to the employment of virtual organizations, and learning organizations. These groups are advancing in today’s public and private sector workplaces at cyber speeds. Muraskin and Albert R. Roberts (2009), has it that “criminal justice agencies need to address both organizational structures, and human resource policies that are resistant to internal and external change”.
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