Criminal Justice Trends Evnaluatio

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Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation 1

Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation

December 10, 2012


Troy Hokanson

Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation 2

Introduction The criminal justice system is very important to American society. The reason for laws are to defend society from harm, make certain each person is safe as well as to be treated fairly. The criminal justice system labors to defend the guiltless and to discipline the guilty without putting at risk an individual’s rights.This paper will evaluate the future of the
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Although, criminals may benefit from technology by using it for criminal gain; law enforcement also benefit from the latest technology. DNA is a technology
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that has developed a major impact on the viewpoint of the criminal justice system. With DNA samples of an individual’s fingerprint’s can be lifted from a crime scene. The breakthrough of
DNA allows a person to be recognized through body fluid, hair, and fingerprint samples to be able to solve a crime (Smith, 2004). DNA samples identify suspects but one of the more positive aspects of DNA is proving a person innocent when he or she has been falsely imprisoned. Contemporary issues are problems that have faced the criminal justice system.

Contemporary Issues There are many contemporary issues facing the criminal justice system and impact has caused problems such as with sentencing, courts, and corrections. The overcrowding of prisons and longer prison sentences are directly related to the “Three Strikes and You’re Out” laws
(Muraskin & Roberts, 2009). As is the lack of rehabilitation and reentry training. There are barriers that individuals must face when leaving prison and reentering the general public. These barriers include social, psychological, and legal barriers (Muraskin & Roberts, 2009). To completely understand

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