Criminal Justice in Book, Kids For Cash by William Ecenbarger

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“Kids For Cash” Reaction paper William Ecenbarger’s “Kid for Cash” book was a book that needs to be read by anyone interested in criminal justice. The kickback scheme was full of evil, greed, opportunity, public indifference, secrecy, and place (Ecenbarger, 2012.) For many kids, entering the courtroom would result in how their future and livelihood would remain for the rest of their lives. There are a lot of questions to be asked and very little that will ever get answered. One question may be why was there never any justice for the kids being involved during this heinous scheme, but only resulted in justice being served for judges Ciaverella and Conahan. In my opinion I felt that the individuals that did know about the kickback scheme felt like it was a big deal due to Luzerne Counties history of corruption, neopotism, and mob-related violence that dates back decades (Ecenbarger, 2012.) While reading this story I realized there were a couple of social theories being executed in this sad story. For example, labeling theory was one of the key theories stated in the story. Many of the children that were involved in this sad and heinous crime had good homes, a loving family, and were straight A students only to be treated like they committed the most heinous crime known to man because of the actions of judge Ciaverella and many others. The first question asked is which one case/ juvenile disappointed you the most? The one case/juvenile that did disappoint me the most was

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