Criminal Law 2009 Exam Paper

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THIS PAPER IS NOT TO BE REMOVED FROM THE EXAMINATION HALLS UNIVERSITY OF LONDON 265 0010 ZA 269 0010 ZA 277 0101 ZA DIPLOMA IN LAW LLB EXAMINATION for External Students INTERMEDIATE EXAMINATION (Scheme A) FIRST AND SECOND YEAR EXAMINATIONS (Scheme B) GRADUATE ENTRY LEVEL I (Route A) GRADUATE ENTRY FIRST YEAR (Route B) BSc DEGREES for External Students MANAGEMENT WITH LAW, LAW WITH MANAGEMENT, ACCOUNTING WITH LAW AND LAW WITH ACCOUNTING FOR STUDENTS IN THE EXTERNAL PROGRAMME Criminal Law Wednesday 13 May 2009 : 10.00 - 1.15 pm Candidates will have fifteen minutes during which they may read the paper and make rough notes ONLY in their answer books. They then have the remaining THREE HOURS in which to answer…show more content…
Although, initially, she did not apply for this, as she had already bought her gown and was not in financial difficulties, after hearing that all of her female colleagues intended to do so, whether or not they had already purchased their gowns, she applied for the money stating that she was in financial difficulties. She thought it was probably alright as she knew that none of her colleagues was in financial difficulties either. She did not get the money as, by the time her application was received, she was told the fund had been spent. On the day of the ball, Jenny went to the hairdressers which was offering a 20% discount to students. She had borrowed her sister’s student union card which she showed to the receptionist and obtained the discount. When she arrived at her house, Jenny noticed that her next door neighbours were having a delivery of shopping. She had forgotten to buy anything for her lunch and was hungry and so, hoping they would not mind, took a microwave meal from one of the shopping bags, putting £5 through their letter box. Consider Jenny’s possible criminal liability. UL09/806 Page 3 of 4 7. Antoine enjoyed dressing up as a woman and so every Sunday he wore his sister 's clothes and called himself Antoinette. One Sunday, at his local
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