Criminal Law Act 1967

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3 of the Criminal Law Act 1967 should be more often considered as a possible defense even in those cases whose facts do not correspond with the traditional model of self-defense” (McColgan, 510) because without this plea the victim could lose her life. This challenge proposes to do this by “focusing on modifying and re-analyzing the doctrine of self-defense” (McColgan, 511) so that way more of these types of self-defense cases can be called under a legitimate protection of the self. Responding to this challenge, I believe that in many cases of abuse, for a woman’s only option to alleviate the pain she is going through is to murder is not true. I believe that a woman can make another choice in removing herself from the situation because most of the time the woman kills preemptively. A “relaxed imminence” (Veinsreideris, 614) requirement causes a problem as it allows “preemptive acts in the name of self-defense” (Veinsreideris, 614) to be assumed as excused from any liability concerning ones actions. This being said, there is an exception to everything, and yes I could see where this challenge is coming from as sometimes the only way out of a life or death situation is murder. This however, cannot be done preemptively for it to be justified…show more content…
This challenge illuminates that a woman is less than a man and needs special treatment in order to be on the same level as him. By using this platform as a plea for self-defense the woman is falling into a submissive role. She exhibit an ignorance in how to state her case and defend herself against the penalties that come with murder. Battered Women Syndrome shows that the woman cannot articulate her case clearly and concisely for the jury to understand. As a result she must rely and chooses to rely on the crutch of Battered Women Syndrome. This challenge is also saying that just because a female can commit the act does not mean she can handle the consequences like a man
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