Criminal Law And Legal Law

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A lawyer or an attorney, provides legal services to individuals, businesses, and the government. These legal services are intended to solve or prevent legal problems for the client. Some lawyers are experts in criminal law and case work, while others might focus on patent law. No matter which area of law a lawyer may specialize in, they are all expected to act as both advocates and advisers for their clients (Labor, 2014). The field of criminal law is one of the many areas of study dealing with law. Students in college that study law, usually introvert away from criminal law and choose another type, such as family or legal law because of the issue with job availability. Criminal lawyers can find work in a variety of different settings. While some lawyers are part of a large law firms, others work for individual corporations (Labor, 2014). Typically, criminal lawyers are working on several cases at one time, each at different stages in the criminal process. Throughout the criminal process, criminal lawyers offer legal counsel to clients that would be in their best interests. Criminal lawyer’s extensive knowledge of the law helps them safeguard their client’s constitutional right (, 2015). Criminal law occupations depend on the type of education the student has, the job outlook and employment, and whether or not a criminal lawyer is desired.
To begin with, students that plan to have an occupation as a criminal lawyer usually go through seven years of full-time…

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