Essay on Criminal Law Evaluation

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Criminal Justice Administration Capstone Barbara Mitchell CJA/484 September 17, 2012 Shomari Gilford Abstract Laws tend to make the lives of every individual safer and pleasant. The subject of this paper focuses on evaluating and identifying the Constitutional safeguards within the 4th, 5th, and 6th amendments of the United States Constitution. How these safeguards to the 4th, 5th, and 6th amendment will apply to juvenile and adult court proceedings. Finally, this paper will focus the impact that these safeguards, such as speedy trial, Miranda warning, exclusionary rule, and right to counsel will have on the day- to- day operation for juvenile and adult courts. If laws are not put in place individuals cannot hold on to the…show more content…
The Fourth Amendment will protect individuals from search and seizures indirectly but not directly. The Fifth Amendment helps safeguard individuals from self-incrimination that do not apply to pretrial procedures because this amendment involves obtaining identification and not testimonies of evidence. The Sixth Amendment safeguards the individual’s right to an attorney during any criminal proceedings. This Amendment also safeguards identification procedures of an individual when an initial judgment presented to charge him or her with a crime. Every justice system of criminal laws will rest on postulates or ethical theories. The adult system and juvenile system share differences and commonalities. For example, the juvenile justice system work toward rehabilitating the youths and not punish the juveniles. Adults and juveniles who admit to guilt have a procedural safeguard system to help protect his or her rights. This also includes hearings, right to appeal, and plea bargains. Juveniles and adults have the right to a counsel in a court proceeding. Due process given to juveniles and adults the same. Juveniles are not offered the right to a jury trial or public trial. Another safeguard is not housing juveniles and adults together, not to just to protect
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