Criminal Law VS Civil Law

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Running head: Compare and Contrast Civil with Criminal injuries Compare and Contrast Civil with Criminal injuries Nora Kelgin October 19, 2013 Tort Actions A tort actions is a form of civil law, which are intentional tort, torts of negligence, and strict liability torts, the vast majority of legal issues in the United State involve this, such as divorce, child custody, child support, domestic dispute, consumer problems, defamation, and injuries due to a person by another person. You can fine a civil lawsuit yourself or have an attorney do it for you, in this case you become the plaintiff and the other person will be the defendant. In most situations a civil lawsuit is filed for the purpose of…show more content…
Outcome In certain cases you can be charged for criminal and civil charges, if you injure someone intentionally you can be charged with criminal assault and battery by the state or local government and the victim can also sue you for damages in court in a tort action. For example in the case of O.J Simpson. He was tried at first for murdering is his wife and her friend and he was found not guilty by a jury of his peers. The family decided to suit him for compensation and won the cases. The Outcome if O.J. would have lost the criminal cases could have been anywhere from 25 years to life or the death penalty. References Hudson, David L Jr. (2010). The Handy Law Book. Understanding the Law Navigating the Legal Systems. Bergman, Paul J.D. & Berman, Sara J. J.D. (2011) The Criminal Law Handbook, 12th Edition. Know your rights, survive the system. Ventura, John J.D. (2005) Law for Dummies, 2nd Edition. Free Dictionary (2013) Farlex, INC. Graner, Bryan (2009) Black's Law Dictionary, 9th

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