Criminal Law and Arson Blackmail Burglary

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Burglary From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "Burglar" redirects here. For the comedy film, see Burglar (film). Criminal law Part of the common law series Element (criminal law) Actus reus Mens rea Causation Concurrence Scope of criminal liability Complicity Corporate Vicarious Inchoate offenses Attempt Conspiracy Solicitation Offence against the person Assault Battery Criminal negligence False imprisonment Kidnapping Mayhem Sexual assault Homicide crimes Murder Felony murder Manslaughter Negligent homicide Vehicular homicide Crimes against property Arson Blackmail Burglary Embezzlement Extortion False pretenses Fraud Larceny Possessing stolen property Robbery Theft Crimes against justice Compounding…show more content…
Breaking and entering is defined as trespassing with intent to commit an indictable offence. The crime is commonly referred to in Canada as break and enter which in turn is often shortened to B and E.[12][13] [edit]Finland There is no crime of burglary as such in Finland. In the case of breaking and entering, the Finnish penal code states that A person who unlawfully (1) enters domestic premises by force, stealth or deception, or hides or stays in such premises [...] shall be sentenced for invasion of domestic premises to a fine or to imprisonment for at most six months.[14] However, if theft is committed during unlawful entering, then a person is guilty of theft or aggravated theft depending on the circumstances of the felony. Aggravated theft: (1) If in the theft (5) the offender breaks into an occupied residence, and the theft is aggravated also when assessed as a whole, the offender shall be sentenced for aggravated theft to imprisonment for at least four months and at most four years.[14] [edit]Sweden In Sweden, burglary does not exist as an offence in itself; instead, there are two available offences. If a person simply breaks into any premise, they are technically guilty of either unlawful intrusion or breach of domiciliary peace (olaga intrång or hemfridsbrott, respectively), depending on the premise in question. Breach of domiciliary peace is only applicable when

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