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A School Resource Officer(SRO) is a job that I grew to like during my internship at OCSO. My first weeks at my internship I worked a lot with SROs. My daily duties consisted of monitoring students, writing reports, and being a mentor for students. Also, I assisted several officers with varies projects, in which we presented to the students. Sheriff Murant informed me that our alternate goal is to creating and maintaining a safe ,secure ,and suitable learning environment for students,teachers, and staff. Every since I have started working with the different SROs , I can truly say that the work really hard to make sure every duty is completed with proficiency. I observed how a lot of students looked up to Sheriff Murant as a mother. They…show more content…
They are proactive. Having a SRO deters crime. Murder is a crime which is committed by a person who kills another human Also, its killing a person with malice and without justification . This crime is considered the most serious crime offense. Depending on the conditions of the case, a person convicted of murder could be sentenced to many years in prison , a sentence with no possibility of parole or even death. In South Carolina, there different degree levels when dealing with a murder cases. There are; first degree and second degree. First degree “ cold blooded” is usually planned with intentions on killing a specific person. This crime can also be determined by the way the person was actually killed. First degree is looked at as , a crime that was premeditated,cruel and very violent. All first degree convictions gives a person a punishment of a possible lifetime in prison without parole or the death penalty. Second degree is a crime of murdering someone in a heat of passion. In a heat of passion a person sometimes have intense anger,fear,rage,or terror. Second degree is also characterized as a death that ended from assault . Second degree murder is a crime that falls between first degree and involuntary manslaughter. A second degree conviction gives a person mandatory life sentence without the possibility of parole for 11- 25 years. Sometimes third degree is also used, but its usually called
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