Criminal Profiling : An Investigative Tool

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forces such as the FBI and the police use criminal profiling as an investigative tool aimed at helping them identify or predict characteristics of criminals who are not yet identified. Criminal profiling as an investigation tool allows investigators to compile and establish the right description of the criminal implicated. Investigators can also use geographical profiling to establish the location of the criminal. The criminal profiling procedure is used by detectives to satisfy certain needs in the investigative report. For example, to enable law enforcement officers to get a high profile of the criminal conducted on the basis of psychological and social aspects of the offender with the purpose of understanding the circumstances of the crime being committed. Next is providing the investigative bodies with a perfect psychological assessment of the criminal. Based on the information gathered from the crime scene, a profiler can acquire on the mental status of the offender that is very helpful in homicide cases since the reason for carrying out such an act is effectively identified. Criminal profiling mostly focuses on the crime scene because the organization or disorganization of the criminal is established because there are criminals who have a tendency to plan things ahead before implementing them.
(Woodruff, 1982) observes criminal profiling being a process of understanding a person’s particular behaviors has a long history and describes the famous case of Jack the Ripper
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