Criminal Profiling And The Law Enforcement

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Criminal profiling is the investigative profession that is used to help the law enforcement and the government agencies to pursue unknown perpetrators. It objectively seeks to identify the major personality and the behavioral characteristics of the serial offenders based on a thorough analysis of the crimes committed. It includes the combination of the analysis of the physical and the behavioral evidence. This study aims at analyzing criminal profiling on the basis of its basic elements and its use in law enforcement.
The documented history of criminal profiling is traced back to the publication of the Malleus Maleficarum, a text from the 1400s; it was written by contractors of the early Roman Catholic Church for the purpose of identifying and eradicating witches (Geberth 23). Despite the fact that it was based on the author’s speculation and the religious dogma during that time, it was one of the first systematic methods that was used in the identification and creation of inferences concerning the guilty individuals.
The modern criminal profiling was officially inaugurated by the FBI behavioral science unit after several cases of mass homicides were observed in the U.S in the 1960s. The apparent increase in the homicides during this time created a demand on the investigators from the public to solve these crimes using expeditious ways (Geberth 43). This increased the pressure, the pressure on the investigators to use the possible resources to track down on the suspects.…
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