Criminal Profiling

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Criminal Profiling The term “serial killer” was derived from a man named Robert K. Ressler, who, in the 1970’s deemed this term because of the term the English used; “crimes in a series” and because of the serial films he grew up watching. (Freeman, 2007) Prior to the term serial killer, people would use the terms, mass murders and stranger-on-stranger crime. The definition of a serial killer, according to is; “a person who attacks and kills victims one by one in a series of incidents.” Obviously, we understand that a serial killer commits murder more than once, and on different occasions, but what helps police and investigators differ between stand alone murders compared to a serial murder case? What techniques…show more content…
(Freeman, 2007) The main characteristics of a serial killer are; single, white males, IQ above normal, come from unstable families, high rates of suicide attempts and more than 60% wet their bed past the age of 12. Generally serial killers will target women who are strangers to them. The killings are many times sexually motivating and this is why most victims are female. Gay serial killers have a tendency to go for gay men as their victims. The case of Ted Bundy helped authorities understand the profile of a serial killer, eventually helping them catch the guy who posed a threat to society. During Ted Bundy’s case, the FBI had plenty of information; they just didn’t know what to do with it. They began by profiling the evidence that they already had. They realized that all the victims were white, single, thin, and parted their hair in the middle. (Montaldo, n.d.) When Ted Bundy was initially pulled over for a traffic stop his behavior aroused suspicion to the police. He turned his lights off and began to speed and run stop signs when he realized he was being pulled over. When he finally stopped the police noted that the front passenger seat was missing and they also found a set of handcuffs, an ice pick, a crowbar, and other items that helped lead to his arrest. Ted was initially arrested for suspicion of burglary but was eventually charged with murder. Bundy escaped and murdered again he was
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