Criminal Profiling Essay

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The Origin and Art of Criminal Profiling Sawyer Thompson Southwest Baptist University December 13, 2011 Abstract Criminal profiling is a process by which investigators attempt to solve a crime through careful analyzing of data and patterns. It can be found in numerous places throughout history, from the Roman Catholic Church to World War II to the present day. It officially began in the Behavioral Science Unit; Howard Teten, Pat Mullany, Robert Ressler, and John Douglas are four of the most well-known individuals associated with profiling. Numerous serial killers have been caught by using this process and it is suspected that the identity of Jack the Ripper would be known today had this technique been…show more content…
In fact, the doctor guessed he probably didn’t have a real occupation whatsoever (Ramsland, 2011). Thomas Bond’s notes were never taken into deep consideration and the identity of Jack the Ripper is still a mystery, one that will most likely never be solved. Or will it? According to Innes (2005), David Canter has expressed his opinion on the matter. Canter’s prime suspect is Aaron Kosminski, a Polish bootmaker who came to London in 1882, six years before the Ripper murders. He based this speculation on the geographic side of profiling. With a map of the location of the nine killings in hand, Canter pointed right in the middle of the murder sites; the area he was pointing to was Kosminski’s home. According to him, many killers tend to maintain the optimum distance which balances both familiarity and risk, thus making the murder locations appear as a rough circle (Innes, 2005). Unfortunately, with no DNA or any physical evidence, society will never know for sure the identity of the twisted Jack the Ripper. During the Ripper’s reign of terror, technology and general knowledge of criminology was not quite as advanced as it is now. The first official attempt at profiling did not come until World War II began. The OSS (the forerunner of the CIA) asked psychiatrist Walter Lange to prepare a psycho-dynamic personality profile of Adolf Hitler. At the end of his long, detailed report, Lange stated that when defeat was imminent, the German Fuhrer would commit suicide; Hitler
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