Essay on Criminal Profiling

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Criminal profiling is one of few first things to think of when it comes to forensic psychology. Criminal profiling is featured in popular television shows such as in Law and Order and CSI. Often in those shows, the police officers were able to catch the criminals based on the criminal profile that forensic psychologists came up with. In a theory, the polices rely on criminal profiling to catch criminals, educate the public about a possible criminal, and confirm the witnesses’ accounts. Criminal profiling involves using various methods to guess a criminal’s background, behavior, and even preferences for the victims. In the reality, the prominent focus of profiling is on the offender’s ethic race. Racial profiling allows people to…show more content…
Hispanic Americans suffered similar fate as African- Americans in racial profiling. The media portrayed them as part of gangs and selling drugs. This group is more likely to have a strong group identity and view the police officers as “gringos” or foreigners (Aguiree , 2004). They already look at the police officers with negativity due to increased activities of deporting illegal occupiers (Davis & Hendricks, 2007). The police officers may be influenced to believe that this group is at higher risk of breaking laws and do not understand Hispanic Americans’ culture. Another group who suffered causality of racial profiling were Japanese-Americans. During World War Two, the Supreme Court ruled that it was legal to target ethic groups for safety purposes. Japanese-Americans had to move to prison camps even though they had no connection to Japan bombing Hawaii (Friedman & Reddick, 2004). Even many years later this minority group still view the polices negatively (Derald, Bucceri, Lin, Nadal & Torino, 2007) with bad memories of the prison camp. They are most likely to experience subtle racism than other groups in stereotypes. The police officers may profile Japanese Americans on the stereotypes such as the intelligence or on their speech ( Derald & et al, 2007) . The next group to be aliened are Arab Middle-East Americans. Most recently in the wake of infamous September 11 attack on World Trade Center towers, Arab Middle-East Americans were unable to pass
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