Criminal Psychology, And Forensic Psychology

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As there are many different areas to study in the field of psychology, however, this assignment focuses only on criminal psychology. The research provided is a description of what is required to become a criminal psychologist; the information includes an in-depth look into “what a criminal psychologist is”. Types of educational and training background are required, such as what degrees are needed. The use of different assessment and intervention methods and what types of cases a criminal psychologist handles. Their work environment and how there is a broad range of locations for employment opportunities. Also, the types of professional issues are related to being a criminal psychologist.
Profession of Interest Paper: Criminal Psychology

The profession I chose as my interest is Criminal Psychology, which has also been called, Law Psychology, and Forensic Psychology. The reason I have chosen this specific field is because I have always found it to be fascinating, but also because of certain events that have taken place in my life from an early age. I know this career path is not an easy one, and a lot of the details have been glorified in TV shows, but the general idea of combing my knowledge in Psychology and Criminal Justice opens many doors in my future. My research will provide information into what it takes to become a criminal psychologist. My findings will include their job description and training requirements that are needed. Information
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