Criminal Psychology Career Research Paper

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The human mind has always fascinated me. Humanity is not only the only species to kill for pure game, but also the only species to inflict pain upon one another for their own enjoyment. It has always amazed me to watch a person do wrong and feel no sense of remorse or regret about it, this is why I have decided to study the thought process and reasoning behind crime by becoming a criminal psychologist. To begin my research I visited the Mississippi Choices website along with Psychology Schools 411 where I found information such as the everyday activities, the employment outlook, training and education required, and the estimated annual salary. Next, I visited the National Career Service website where I found information on working conditions. To find information such as the amount of positions available statewide and nationwide along with related occupations, I visited the Occupational Outlook Handbook Website. As a criminal psychologist I will study the behaviors and thought processes of criminals as well as why they commit crimes. I will also assess the criminals in order to evaluate the risk of that…show more content…
Theresa Byars, the graduation coach at my school. She was not technically a “Criminal Psychologist” by job title, but she obtained experience while working with prisoners by teaching them and counseling them. When interviewed she gave helpful information on subjects such as what to expect, how to handle uneasy situations, and the typical day for her working in the prison system. When asked if she has ever been in any dangerous situations on the job she said that it was nearly a daily obstacle for her to be threatened, attacked, and harassed in some way. “Just know how to stand your ground.” She said, “You need to know how to be scared and comfortable at the same time”. When asked if she could go back to her job in the prison system I received a firm yes along with an encouraging
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