Essay on Criminal Sentencing Purpose

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Criminal Sentencing purpose There was once a Television show name “Berretta” and the show theme song said do not do crime if you cannot do the time. That is a true saying, one that should be on every criminal mind why they are committing a crime. Sentencing a criminal for crimes for which they have been convicted of is their due punishment according to the severity of the crime committed. The Courts have for centuries punished criminals according to the belief of the society in which the crime was committed.
The belief systems of a civilized society have often dictated the punishment in criminal procedures. In biblical days, the belief system called for stoning for violation of many
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In “the United States its system of law is derived from the English system of Common Law” (Davenport, 2009, p.4). In common Law when one case is settled this set precedent for other cases precedent help maintain a stable sentencing process. A Judge use precedent in the sentencing process. Much time the judge will seek to perform several tasks in the process of sentencing. They will attempt to find alternative method of sentencing. The sentencing process objective has several different views to which are the most productive. Some think sentencing process theory can use the concept of Deterrence. “Deterrence which is based on the concept that other will see punishment given to a convicted person thus deterring the public from committing crimes” (Wallace & Roberson, 2008, p. 337, p. 339). This concept is based on the idea that society has the mindset to be deterred by the evident of what will occur if they commit a crime. According to Tan Lin offence seriousness can be scaled according to proportionality, deterrent effects appear to follow no linear scale and the relationship between deterrent effects and level of severity of punishment is obscure”(Lin, T., 2009, p. 49). This is to say there is no solid evident that deterrent is effective as the proponents of this theory would argue. Deterrence does have an effect on scaling back other from committing crime but it does not seem to be the most effective
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