Criminal Theories On White Collar Crime

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In this assignment, you will examine the various criminal theories that were discussed in the reading. In a page or two, explain which theories best explain white collar crime. The Strain Theory does a suitable but not a great job of explaining white collar crime. Therefore, in the Strain Theory it talks about the contextual anomie/ strain theory. while examining this theory, I discovered it to be the most compelling in our constant battle with white collar and corporate crimes. Ever, since the beginning of recorded history man/woman has tried to achieve a better life, but not much has change in today’s standards it also can be said it is even more so now than ever. From television, radio, and franchises we see the American dream of home ownership, the ability to fit into the society with the latest gadgets. At the same time trying to farther their education has its roots in the American dream of more pay, a better job, and the ability to retire all these things is associated with the American dream of more money. While reading this theory I took a closer look into what fuels the human mind in our society, white collar crime in most cases, according to the Strain Theory and my own beliefs is what fuel the human desire to be successful. Greed has always and always will be a driving force in our society, I see no relief in sight unless we as a society find some way that money is no longer the means to an end, but how would we survive without money. Will there ever be a
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