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Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation
Heather Kyzer
CJA 394: Contemporary Issues and Futures in Criminal Justice
June 3, 2013
David Sicilian II

Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation
There is no question that crime has had and continues to hinder society. The criminal justice system is an intricate part of society and is essential that this system remains capable of adequately dealing with the latest crime trends. It was the establishment of the consistency with the Social Commission that the number or crimes should become a priority so that the facts and statistics developed can be readily available for use. When the first crimes were recorded over 60 years ago there findings showed crime trends in larceny, physical assaults, and
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The fact that these actions created and maintain from the past a foundation that we use today when dealing with any form of gun violence or gun requirement. In past people could carry a gun inside facilities, own whatever make or model that was present at the time, children knew how to shoot, children could carry a gun (western days); however, with the incidents that occurred developed the impact that we carry on today in society. The truth behind every act or law there is a reason to why it was created, established, and enforced.
Recent and present trends that affecting the criminal justice system:
According to Cetron and Davis, “the exponential rate at which technology is changing directly affecting policing today. While it offers new tools for officers, it is also providing extremely lucratively and easy means of criminal activity.” The criminal justice system and citizens are both affected by this change. Technology has progressed so rapidly over the past decade alone that criminals are committing crimes internationally, and this is making the job of law enforcement agencies even more difficult, more time consuming, and more dangerous. The criminal justice system does still have corruption from different agencies, especially the law enforcement. Today, technological advancements, and crime control relate to investigator and investigations may not
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