Criminal Trial Observation

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Assignment 3 The Court: 19th Judicial Circuit Court of Cole County MO Court Address: 301 E High St Jefferson City Mo 65101 Court Telephone: (573) 634-9150 Date of Court Visit: September 21, 2015 Name of Case: State of Missouri v. Steidley Subject of case: (retrial) 2nd degree arson I went to the Cole County Courthouse to observe a criminal jury trial that involved a retrial for second degree arson. I was able to be a part of the jury selection proceedings. I witnessed what kinds of questions that are asked of the potential jurors and to see how people respond or act when they are put on the spot about their personal beliefs about certain things. This was a very interesting proceeding for me as I have never been selected for jury…show more content…
He asked the jurors if they had any kind of personal feelings about arson or any kind of experience that involved arson that would hinder them from making a fair decision. He too asked about the possible witnesses that may be called to see if anyone knew them and if so how. The defendant, Kurt Steidley, was there to watch the proceedings and was sitting with his team. Once all the questions were over, the jury was dismissed out in to the hall and final selections were made. The bailiff came out a while later and read the names of those chosen and informed them they would need to return the next morning for opening agreements at 9am. My opinion on this specific case is still unknown to me. It is a retrial because of a testimony given by the interim Jefferson City Fire Chief Jason Turner that was not disclosed by the prosecution. The judge advised the jurors to strike the testimony but the defense argued that they felt the defendant had the right to understand and believe, that the testimony would not come back to the trail. I have a hard time with something like this because of all the time and money spent just to be thrown away and have to start all over. I understand the right to a fair trial but it just seems to me that with all the evidence and testimony given, the correct verdict was given. I have to wonder if the verdict would have been different, would the prosecution request a
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