Criminal Trial Process

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Criminal Trial Process Jury Selection Question and answer (voire dire) (Criminal Trial Procedures: An Overview, 2013). Selection: 12 for federal cases to six for lesser cases by defense and prosecution or judge. Each party may exercise strikes to dismiss a juror during selection (Criminal Procedure and Sentencing Overview, 2013). Evidence Issus defense and prosecution request the court to admit or exclude certain evidence. State reads trial information. Opening Statements Prosecution provides an outline of what they intend to prove. Defense provides an outline of what they intend to prove. (defense may reserve opening statement until beginning of defense case) Prosecution case in-chief prosecution presents main case by examination of witnesses. Cross-examination defense may cross-examine the witnesses. Redirect prosecution may re-examine the witnesses. Prosecution Rests finishes presenting case. Motion to dismiss defense may move to dismiss charges if feel prosecution failed to provide adequate evidence. Denial of motion to dismiss judge almost always denies. Defense case in-chief defense present main case by examination of defense witnesses. Cross examination prosecution may examine defense witnesses. Redirect defense re-examines defense witnesses. Defense rests finishes presenting case. Prosecution Rebuttal prosecutor offers evidence to refute the defense case. Settling on Jury Instructions prosecution and defense with judge craft final instruction for
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