Criminal Trial Process

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Justin nikirk
Law enforcement
Lori Petro
Part 3 of final project
Biography of police chief
Name: Garry Hamilton
Height: 6ft 2in
Weight: 185lbs
Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, cars, martial arts
Family: Wife (Debbie) Four Kids (Joe, Justin, Matthew, Kristina) Mother (Tina) Dad (Chad)
Education: High school diploma (Northrop High School) Associates Degree in Criminal Justice (Ivy Tech Community College)
Police Career: Accepted 1989, captain in 2000, Lieutenant in 2010, Police chief in 2014
Community profile
The township of St. Joe is a very close community everybody respects each other and everybody helps each other if they ask for it. There is this one kid named Justin Nikirk and he is one of the most helpful person
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Interviewer: That is cool I watch cops sometimes to, I just don’t like the fact that I can get hurt really bad.
Police Chief: Yeah I have that fear to but I think that when you can help protect our city I would risk my life for it.
Interviewer: I have one last question what is your opinion on the use of deadly force?
Police chief: That Is a very good closing question when it comes to using deadly force you have to be 110% sure that your life is in danger and the only way you can get out is to use deadly force. I will always go home to my family if I can help it.


Week 1: I chose what topic I wanted to write about
Week 2: I made an outline of what it was going to look like.
Week 3: I wrote the first draft of the concerns and the profile
Week 4: I made the final changes to the project.
Week 5: I wrote the T.V script.
Week 6: I put it all
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