Criminial Acts and Choices

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Criminal Acts and Choices Victoria Hopkins University of Phoenix Society uses common models to determine what a criminal act is. The Justice System has two models: Consensus Model and Conflict Model. The consensus model is used by the Criminal Justice System (CJS) and it shows that the majority of society shares the same values and beliefs. This model works on the assumption that when people form as a society they will have the same morals and beliefs. They come to an agreement of what are the general norms and values. According to the Consensus Model, crime is anything that goes against the values and beliefs of society and is considered damaging to society. Any individual who performs an action that goes against these values and…show more content…
The classical theory became popular again in the 1970s, and this is when the choice theory came about. The new choice theory is known today as the rational choice theory because it is based on intelligent thought process and criminal decision making. Rational choice is a decision made by an individual to commit a specific crime. This theory is both offense- and offender-specific. Offense-specific crimes are when offenders will react selectively to a particular offense. Offender-specific crimes are considered by a criminal by their skills, needs, or fear before committing the act. This proves that criminals are not just some antisocial person who goes and commits a crime randomly; they give it some thought process. The theorists believe that crime is an event and criminal behavior is a personality trait. The choice theorists believe that criminals decide where they will commit a crime by the location of the crime. For example, many criminals choose expensive houses for property crime and may choose low income households for more violent crimes. They study the crime they are planning to commit and plan it before they do it with the thinking that a thought out plan will ensure they will get away with the criminal activity. If they learn the technique they can avoid being

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