Criminological Theory and Burglary

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Jessica Roden w0443856 Criminology 412 Burglars on the Job Scarce research is available on active offenders due to their unwillingness to corporate with researchers and past and convicted offenders may have changed their perspectives after being convicted or left their lifestyle of crime. The most reliable data on these offenses and their perpetrators may come from active burglars themselves. Richard T. Wright and Scott Decker’s book, Burglars on the Job seeks to explain the reasons why burglars commit the crimes they do. They have taken their research to another level by gaining the trust of active offenders in the St. Louis area and gaining inside knowledge of these criminals’ daily lives and their crimes. This paper will address…show more content…
Most of these offenders’ had very little commitment either. As stated earlier, they had little education, no jobs, and no social networks to deter them from a life of crime. They had nothing or almost nothing to lose. The offenders’ involvement in conventional activities was also very limited. Their strongest involvements seemed to be with their “street life.” They felt that jobs or other conventional activities would damper their party time. Burglar #85 Scott says, “… I ain’t got to go to bed at a certain time to get up at a certain time. Go to bed around one o’clock or whenever I want. Ain’t got to go to work and work eight hours. Just go in and do a five minute job, get that money, and that’s basically it.”(pg.48) It is the quick and easy, with very little planning or effort, that makes burglary a choice crime for these offenders. While some offenders seemed to hold some conventional moral values, others seemed only to be thinking of themselves in their day to day activities. Burglar #13 Larry Washington states, “see, if you rob a person, they can identify you cause you lookin’ right at em’ you know? They lookin’ right at you and they can identify you. And armed robbery is what? Five to ten years? Or ten to fifteen years?” This offender prefers burglary over robbery out of fear of a harsher punishment for himself if caught. He shows no consideration of the victim. Burglar #79 Die Leo, on the other hand, did show some compassion for a victim in his
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