Criminology And Sociology : Criminology

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Summary of Criminology and Sociology:
Criminology is concerned with examining the complex issues of crime and criminality to find its underlying causes. To do this criminology primarily aims to achieve answers as to why crime occurs; who is committing said crimes and how society as a whole will respond to crime with regards to policy changes and its place in the media (Australian Institute of Criminology: 2015).

Sociology is the scientific study of human social interactions in a societal context (Calhoun, 2002). As sociologists study anything human related they can examine anything from the smallest interactions between everyday people to vastly complex international or multinational relationships. Within this they attempt to understand
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Feminist criminological theory examines the inability of current criminological methods/theories of crime to examine female criminal offending, victimisation and impact of the criminal justice system (McLaughlin & Newburn: 2010). Females will be unable to be properly viewed under criminology until; criminological theories created specifically for females are created. The current theories only look at male offending and these theories are often inapplicable to women as there is a generalisability problem. Additionally most women participate in very different types of criminal activity than men, that often are directly influenced by their sex, such as infanticide, prostitution, child abuse, etc. (Gilfus, 1975).

Interactionism is a micro-sociological perspective used in sociology that theorises that concepts used to categorize people do not actually exist, but are social constructions. Thus, females and males are given “feminine” or “masculine” traits based on what society views as masculine or feminine and emerge through interaction with others, and are often based upon biological sex (Denzin, 1993; Deutscher and Lindsey, 2005:5). Gender roles are designed for males and females separately, but they permit interactions between the sexes, although these interactions are negative to a well balanced view of self as humanity calls each other the “opposite sex” we tend to behave accordingly, which segregates us further from each other
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