Criminology Career Paper

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The field of criminology has many paths to take to build a career. Some people study criminology to become local or federal police officers and arrest offenders. Other people study criminology to help offenders and advocate for their justice and wellness. I have chosen to study the federal side of criminology with a concentration in Homeland Security. With The Department of Homeland Security being born in 2002 this discipline is fairly new but it has made a true impact in our society. Criminology as a discipline will be understood through the exploration of scholars and organizations. George mason University in Fairfax Virginia displays a page on the criminology degree options and states that Mason's criminology, law and society degree is designed for students interested in law enforcement, law, homeland security, and related career fields. As a student in the program, you will be taught by outstanding professors who have years of experience as both researchers and practitioners (“Criminology, Law and Society | Programs: BS in Criminology, Law and Society,” n.d.).…show more content…
The University does not have a specific definition to that. Looking further I discovered a second definition to the discipline. According to The Principles of Criminology it is defined as “the body of knowledge regarding crime and delinquency as social phenomena” (Sutherland, Cressey, & Luckenbill, 1992). My definition of criminology with a concentration in Homeland Security as a discipline is “ a study of the criminal aspect of government specifically in the protection of citizens and the country they live in.” From these definitions it is safe to conclude that there is no set definition of the field as a discipline, everyone will have a different meaning depending on how they choose to use their
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