Criminology Essay

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CRIMINOLOGY DIPLOMA COURSE QUESTION PAPER ONE Q1. How would you define crime? (5) Technically, I would define crime as a variety of human actions an individual chooses to commit, which are classed by the judicial system within the country’s legislation as illegal under Criminal Law. Not all crimes are the same, some are committed by individuals and others by groups, some involve a physical attack on a person and some involve the damage or misuse of a person’s property. Unfortunately, many crimes these days involve the use or supply of drugs and many others are designed to induce terror on its victims. However, for a crime to have been committed it must be proven that the said individual(s) intended to commit the crime and it was a…show more content…
I attribute this to the modern car being well equipped with security devices preventing the opportunist and also, because of the value of the properties, most residents have burglar alarms or other security devices. We also have overt routine Crime Prevention patrols made by our local constabulary, in the forma of mobile Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) units, monitoring the, previously mentioned, youths. Q3. To make your community safe, what would you consider the important requirements? (5) Neighbourhood Watch, and CCTV, play a major part in keeping my community safe. Just a sign saying it exists can be enough to deter the opportunist criminal from committing a crime. I believe there are various requirements ranging from educating the young by developing social skills at a very young age, guiding the youth in the downside to anti-social behaviour, drugs, unprotected sex and making them aware peer pressure does not mean you have to try something; they can ‘Just Say No’. This can be achieved by educational day visits to schools by the Police and local community teams. Community policing, via PCSO’s (Police Community Support Officers), interacting with the community and reassuring its residents that their concerns are being addressed can help make the community safe. This can also be achieved by visiting youths and patrolling the community, as a presence against potential acts of theft, such as burglary, on
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