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Caretakers as Abusers Bellevue University Abstract This paper will discuss caregivers who charged with caring for those who are unable to look after themselves. We will consider the sociocultural explanations, social learning, and intra-individual theories associated with this type of abuse. Since most abusers are caretakers who have been entrusted with the tending to of those who are unable to care for themselves, we will examine possible causes that lead them to their cruel behavior. We will also address how the maltreatment of helpless victims falls into two classifications, abuse and neglect, and they both can be physical and/or emotional in nature. These theories will be compared and contrasted as we investigate the…show more content…
This abuse includes slapping, kicking, punching, hitting, beating, shoving, inappropriate physical restraint, starving, and force-feeding. Emotional abuse includes insulting, humiliating, intimidating, isolating, and harassing an elderly person (Daigle, 2013). Maltreatment like this stems from the fact that the elderly (just like children and special needs people) are in a vulnerable position because they are simple targets for those entrusted with their care. The elderly are easy prey for motivated offenders (such as mean-spirited caregivers) who take advantage of their vulnerable predicament (Daigle, 2013). As far as family members as caretakers, the added stress that tending to an elderly loved one brings can lead the caregiver to violent or aggressive behavior even though they typically would not behave this way under any other circumstances (Malley-Morrison & Hines, 200). Financial abuse is another common form of elder abuse that occurs when a caretaker is an opportunist and the victim cannot process or understand what is going on. This is frequently perpetrated by caretakers who are either family members or hired on to take over the responsibility of caring for these helpless seniors (Bartle-Haring, Slesnick, & Carmona, 2015). Sociocultural Explanations In contrast to social learning and routine activities, there are sociocultural explanations for familial violence. Since mothers are,
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