Criminology Personal Statement

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My interest in studying criminology stems from a deep-rooted admiration for the law; the way various laws protect our civil liberties; the way police officers enforce it; the means to which the public can alter the law; but also conversely, the explanations of why people break the law. Is it sociological or psychological, and is there any way to prevent such a mentality to commit crime, or is it a biological factor which cannot be changed, and therefore inherent to the individual? That is what deeply fascinates me, the nature vs nurture debate. Studying this subject will help me fulfil a deeper knowledge and understanding of the causes of crime, how it affects society as a whole, and how various theories of crime pertains to an individual’s unique situation.

To further my knowledge about criminology, I visited Kilmarnock’s Sheriff Court to witness how the legal system works. This has not only broadened my knowledge about the consequences of committing
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My time in judo has taught me to become a more confident, well-rounded individual, teaching me the importance of communication with others, and also how it is a crucial skill in order to move forward with any task you are carrying out. Moreover, becoming a scout group leader has improved my leadership skills and it has allowed me to work with various individuals in team-building exercises and activities.

Although I have enjoyed my years at secondary school, I believe continuing to further education would benefit me greatly; it will be an experience which I will remember for the most of my life, and one which I will strive to require the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve my aspiration as a police officer. I want to enhance my knowledge on the various workings of the criminal mind, the way crime affects society, and why certain individuals deviate from the conformity of law
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