Criminology is the Scientific Study of a Crime

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The definition of Criminology is the scientific study of crime, as a social phenomenon of criminals, and penalty treatment (Citation Required). Criminology is the basis of the criminal justice system, it aids with assessing criminals and punishing them justly within the justice system. One key question that should be asked is the justice system allowing criminals to get away by pleading insane, mental, or saying that they weren’t in control of their body. This paper will look at specific examples of the relationship between neuroscience and the criminology and the law in our societies. The abuse of different types of drugs and alcohol over time will have negative side effects on your brain and body as a whole. This will create medical conditions for individuals, resulting in them being used as an excuse to break the law and get away. This cannot be said about all situations, there is the exception where the medical condition of an individual had nothing to do with his or her past actions. Yet, offenders still tend to get of the charges they acquired with a slap on a wrist if their lawyer can twist their story to make it seem it wasn’t completely their fault, and it is more so to base on the medical condition the offender posses or possessed. This is an important topic that should receive more attention within the field of law and criminology. It can have a big impact on our legal and justice system, and how cases and crime will be assessed and prosecuted.

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