Crimped Hair

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We cannot have the perfect hairs every day. Because of our busy schedules caring for the hairs can become a quite difficult task. Messier hairs are harder to style and manage. Especially if your hairs are naturally oily, your hairs can become dirty more often.
Another thing is that washing your hairs daily can damage your locks. This is because the harsh chemicals present in your shampoo. Also, it destroys the natural oils present in the hair fibers living it dry and damaged.
Also, when you apply heat to the hairs it can also cause the damage of the hairs. So, do not use heat styling too much on your hairs. It will be better to oil them and wash them 2-3 times a week. It will help you retain the natural luster of your hairs.
So, when your
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Messy high ponytail is probably the oldest hair styles in the book. And it does not take much time so you can use this one when you have to rush.
Crimped, the crimped hairstyle is easier to make when you have a braided your hairs a day before. For this you have to keep your hairs braided all night long and then open them and brush it out. You can chose to finish the style using a hair band.
Easy Top knot, get the fabulous hair-do in 5 seconds. Cover the messy bed hairs with a up-do of a top knot. Gather your hairs in a high pony tale and twist it up to form a bun. Add some hairy spray to set it in place and so serum for giving it a glossy appearance and you are good to go
The twisted side braid, it is a good change from the regular buns and high ponytail. For this you need to part your hairs on side and twist a part up to your eye level and secure it with a pin. Then twist it until the back of your neck. After that pull your hairs to the side and braid them and secure it with hair tie. After that remove the pins.
Apart from this make sure to take the good care of your hairs. Take the hair treatments time to time. Oil it regularly and also use a mild shampoo so it help in retaining the natural oils of your
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