Crises during the presidency of andrew jackson Essay

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Crises during the presidency of andrew jackson Andrew Jackson was a very influential man during the 1800's. Events that took place during his two-term tenure as President called upon his expertise on the Constitution.
These events had a major impact on the country at that time. He had to face obstacles that presidents before him had not faced, but there was also one that was an old issue that was being reopened. This was the controversy over the constitutionality of the Bank of the United States. The other major obstacles were the nullification controversy and the treatment of the Cherokee Nation.

The nullification controversy started before Jackson came into office. In the year before Jackson had taken office, Congress had
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Congress did so, but it was not enough for South Carolina. A month later a special convention met at the state capital and nullified the United States tariff acts of 1828 and 1832. Jackson ran for reelection that year without Calhoun and won. He declared, "The Constitution . . . forms a government, not a league"(Coit 17). He also stated that to annul a law was "incompatible with the existence of the Union," and "to say that any State may at pleasure secede . . . is to say that the United States is not a nation"(Coit 17). He meant that nullification or secession would be an act of war.
He also stated in his famous proclamation to the South Carolinians, "The ordinance is founded . . . on the strange position that anyone State may not only declare an act of Congress void, but prohibit its execution; that they may do this consistently with the Constitution; that the true construction of that instrument permits a State to retain its place in the Union and yet be bound by no other of its laws than those it may choose to consider constitutional"(Commager 188). This clearly shows that Jackson thought that nullification was illegal according to the Constitution, and any attempt to enact it was a rebellious act of treason. The Constitution wasn't specific on either side of the issue, but Jackson manipulated the meaning of it well to sound like he was right and nullification was illegal. After
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