Criseyde's Personality in her Thought Life and Reality Essay

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The character of Criseyde in Troilus and Criseyde is intriguing not only because of the conflicts and tensions she is faced with, but also because of the occasional variations between the type of person she is in her thoughts and the type of person she is when she interacts with Pandarus or Troilus. In her thought she is more independent, self confident and her feelings for Troilus are made evident. Whereas her persona when she’s interacting with Pandarus or Troilus is more reserved and her actions depict her as weak and victim like. In Book II, the passage in lines 695- 765 (pgs. 96-101) reveals Criseyde’s thought process and what specific conflicts she is faced with as she contemplates what her course of action should be regarding …show more content…
Although in her thought Criseyde admits her beauty and is proud of it,
“Ne me to love, a wonder is it nought;
For wel woot I myself, so God me spede” (lines 743-744) she does not admit this, but rather shies away from it when Pandarus praises her appearance and tells her to do away with her widow outfit (lines 110). Her modesty when in public is also evident from her reaction to Pandarus when he gazes at her beauty, “And loked on hire in a bysi wyse
And she was war that he byheld hire so,
And seyde, “lord! So faste ye m’avise!
Sey ye me nevere er now? What sey ye no?” (Line 275)
Here Criseyde gets uncomfortable and acts astonished when Pandarus stares at her. Although, as previously stated, she reveals in her thoughts that she knows that she is beautiful and that it is of no shock to her that people stare at her. Criseyde’s confesses her unwillingness to show her self-confidence in public in the passage, “Al wolde I that noon wiste of this thought,” (line 745).
This explains why she portrays herself as a shier and naïve person in public by acting as if she is not aware of her beauty.
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Criseyde’s reluctance in showcasing her self-confidence indicates that she had to act in a certain demeanor when in public. She had to be more modest and lady-like. This is why she shied away and acted as if she were shocked by the comments made by her uncle concerning her beauty, even
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