Crisis Communication Plan

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Crisis Communication Plan


Submitted By: Janset Batıbay
Submitted To: Joe Goldiamond
Date: 15.Nov.2011
In today’s skeptical world, where critics, media and public are cynical about companies, their operations and how authentic they are in being socially responsible, it is almost impossible for organizations to create a 100% good image. In more than half of all the television programs, it is easy to come across with negative portraits of business people. This reality has confirmed the importance of effective communications in the company in every situation it may encounter throughout its existence: non-crisis, pre-crisis and crisis situations. Effective communications during crisis situations require more
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This way, Starbucks was back in alignment with its principles and continued contributing positively to its communities in which this case was the Ethiopian community. OXFAM was content about the agreement that had the potential to give farmers a fairer share of the profits for their world-renowned coffee brands, Sidamo, Harar and Yirgacheffe and as a result; it ended the campaign against Starbucks. (OXFAM International, 2007). As conflict resolution, many positive initiatives were taken by Starbucks to contribute to Ethiopia’s economy and the well-being of its farmers. The company bought its aprons from textile factories in Ethiopia, opened a Farmer Support Center in Addis Ababa, and promoted the coffee brands in its stores. Starbucks also donated 500,000 dollars to CARE “to help fund a three-year program that will improve economic and educational prospects for more than 6,000 people in rural Ethiopia’s coffee growing regions". Unfortunately, despite Starbucks signing the agreement and taking initiative to contribute to Ethiopia’s economy, the conflict between Starbucks and Ethiopia continued. Now, three years later, most of Starbucks stores do not carry the disputed Ethiopian coffee brands, the Farmer Support Center has not materialized and the trademark project is stalled. Many other positive initiatives like the ones mentioned
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