Crisis Counseling

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Great post Lori! I enjoyed your detailed descriptions of the skills necessary to help a client with a crisis. I found an article that details continuous and focused tasks that a counselor should perform when working with a client in crisis. Having the skill set ready to engage the client is central prior to administering a crisis plan.
Myer, Lewis, & James (2013) states crisis counseling can change from minute to minute as clients rotate through levels of balance and unbalance within their lives. A client can be calm and in control to distressed quickly. A crisis counselor must be attentive to the client though all phases. Assessment, safety, and support are noted as “continuous tasks” a counselor must perform with a client (Myer, Lewis, & James, 2013). Monitoring safety is crucial, whether it is from a natural disaster or an assault, safety of the client is something that needs to be done throughout the intervention. Assessment of the client should be continuous because it monitors the client’s
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Contact is viewed as communication, establishing a connection with the client and demonstrating genuine interest in their wellness. Helping a client gain control is aiding them in regulating their reactions to the crisis additionally, forming a plan is equally as beneficial. The goal is to assist the client put order into their lives after the chaos the crisis caused (Myer, Lewis, & James, 2013). Once the client’s problems are defined, finding resources to help them long term is key. Finally, follow-up is necessary to address any changes and to make sure the client is progressing forward.
In conclusion, applying the necessary crisis skills, should come before beginning a crisis plan. The client is going to benefit from a crisis plan however, the skills will build a strong therapeutic alliance allowing the client to progress through a
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