Crisis Intervention Final Project

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Crisis workers take on many different roles on a daily basis. Crisis workers also come in many different career fields; they are law enforcement officers, therapists, doctors, hospital staff, and many other careers. The responsibility of each individual is broken down into several additional roles. Similar to law enforcement, a crisis worker’s job is always to protect and serve the public. It is clear that Cassandra has been though a lot in her life; her recent break down is of major concern as to what is really going on mentally and physically. Human crises are never quick and simple, they are and can be extremely difficult and time consuming. The Six Step Model of Assessment helps crisis workers weed through the situation. In…show more content…
There are 3 things to look at when searching for Cassandra’s alternatives; situation support, coping mechanisms, and positive thinking patterns. For Cassandra, situational supports could be her mother or any other family member, even friends; as long as it is someone who truly cares about Cassandra’s safety and wellbeing. Coping mechanisms can be an array of different things that would help Cassandra deal with any type of crisis situation in the future. These can be a number of different behaviors, actions, or resources. Some examples of coping mechanisms are: breathing techniques, journaling, talking with someone, meditation, crafts, exercising, or playing with either kids or pets. Whatever the choice may be, it needs to be a healthy mechanism, unhealthy choices would be hitting something, or substance abuse. When a person has positive thinking abilities it is not meaning that they have a good work ethic or that they are persistent. A person has positive thinking skills when their thoughts revolve around feelings like contentment, love, or joy. When someone has these types of feelings primarily, they see many more life goals and possibilities. Cassandra needs to be able to find these feelings and let these feelings become more persistent than any type of negative thought. Step five in the model is to make a plan and this step flows right alongside step four. This part of the crisis worker’s contribution to the client
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