Crisis Management Tenerife

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Term Project Crisis Management Tenerife Planes Crash Case Study Table of Contents Contents Page Abstract History Key Discussion Question 1 – 9 Conclusion and Recommendation References 1 3 5 21 23 Abstract The Tenerife Disaster is a well known event among the aviation industry for being the worst air accident in human history. A Dutch KLM 747 and an American Pan Am 747 crashed into each other at a Spanish airport in the Canary Islands resulted in 583 death and a extensive media coverage on the Dutch, American and Spanish subjects. The disaster was investigated and studied by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO and researchers as a model for human errors…show more content…
From the picture red line refers to KLM airline which trying to back taxi and take off. Pan am airline can be seen as blue line which was suppose to taxi in number 3 but it was continued until number 4. In fact both planes need to arrive in the Las Palmas Airport Spain. However, a terrorist bomb exploded in a florist 's shop on the Las plasmas terminal. Airport authorities had been warned so although the bomb damaged the inside of the terminal, suddenly the civil aviation authorities at Las Palmas closed the airport because the political terrorists might have a chance for setting out the second bomb. All the flights that were scheduled to land at Las Palmas need to be cancelled and diverted to the smaller surrounding airports. At Tenerife, the airport consisted of one runway and one major taxiway parallel to it, as well as several small taxiways connecting them. The control tower staffs were also underPage | 3 qualified for their English skill. Moreover, there are heavy fogs that prevent KLM to seeing no more than 300 meters. KLM captain had made the decision to take off without permission from control tower due to serious timing rule of KLM airline, which the airline has to be on time. Therefore, KLM made a 180° turn to take off while Pan Am 1736 was also following the KLM aircraft on the same runway. However, the pilot was not clear what the tower had said to them. Only a few minutes
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