Crisis Management and Negotiation

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Many a times, people are faced with wrong points in incidents. In such cases, if there is a death or deaths, negotiators develop strong feelings. This needs debriefing. Thus, every incident must be reviewed by the entire crisis management team and negotiators for the improvement and refinement of their skills. The people concerned must do detailed examination of the management of the incident, the strategies and tactics used in the negotiating process and the ways in which situation was tried to get improved (McMains & Mullins, 2010). There are a number of incidents where negotiation is used for instance incidents involving "jilted lovers, disgruntled employees, or students, mood-disordered or psychotic subjects, suicidal individuals, or individuals, who, for whatever reason, believe that they or their beliefs have been threatened or demeaned by society" (Charlés, 2007). However, the incidents where negotiation is usually used is when people are kept as hostages, known an hostage incidents (McMains & Mullins, 2010). In general, the law enforcement teams/police commanders have 4 options to use in a hostage situation. Traditionally, to confront such a situation, officers are gathered together to respond with considerable weapons and physical attack. The second option used in such situations is the usage of careful sniper fire. In other situations, chemical agents are used as a third choice. Last but not the least, negotiators are asked to deal with the culprit(s) after the
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