Crisis Management in Hospitals

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CRISIS MANAGEMENT IN HOSPITALS Nowhere are corporate strategy differences more prominent than during a phase of crisis management. How a corporation communicates with people, how it responds to media, how it shoulders responsibility all reflect the type of culture that exists in that organization and is more visible when faced with a major crisis. Crisis management is one of the most important parts of corporation strategy and plans. Heath (1997) found that the objective of crisis management is "to exert control over activities in ways that assure stakeholders and stake seekers that their interests are cared for and fostered by the organization" (p. 292). Any large corporation cannot think of operating without an elaborate crisis management plan in place. (Albrecht, 1996; Barton, 1993; Fink, 1986). The same can be said of any hospital around the globe. A large hospital is an organization that needs a good crisis management and communication plan in order to work better under extraordinary circumstances. Some possible crisis situations and their handling are discussed below: OVERMEDICATION: Overmedication can be described as an HYPERLINK "" o "Overutilization" inappropriate medical treatment that occurs when a HYPERLINK "" o "Patient" patient takes unnecessary or excessive HYPERLINK "" o "Medication" medications. This may happen because the
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