Crisis Management of Potential Site Risks in Quebec

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These earthquakes are mostly small but some earthquakes are large. A huge earthquake will strike some day everywhere in Canada. There is 5 to 15 percent probability that earthquake will strike in Southern Quebec including Montreal and Quebec City in the following fifty years. The western Quebec seismic zone includes Montreal. Even though the risk is lower in terms of frequency and severity, there is a risk of a damaging earthquake will strike the Quebec region (pp.10-12).
Ice Storm As discussed by Karsh (2009) ice storms are the one of climate extremes model which has been impacting in the North America with heavy frequency, severity, and long duration. The frequency and severity of ice storms can increase in some latitudes. The ice storm can strike down transmission lines, and electricity in the numerous of homes. The mixture of icy roads, and strong winds and snow can cause widespread devastation. However, Extreme ice storm is not only emerging as a critical issue in weather change; it also has a high correlation to expected changes in biodiversity than weather change alone (pp. 9-10).
Coppola's (2011) study explained Quebec has experienced different types of disaster such as flight crash, city fire, derailment, bridge collapse, gas explosion and etc historically. Technological disasters bring about negative…
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