Crisis in America

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In most places and communities, teen pregnancy is a problem. It affects the life of teen girls and teen boys negatively. They can go on to have a good life, but having a child as a teen will reduce your chances of fulfilling your potential. Teen pregnancy is a widespread problem that could be solved if people were more involved. In twenty twelve, there were twenty nine point four births for every one thousand adolescent females ages fifteen through nineteen. That equals out to three hundred thousand three hundred eighty eight babies born to females in this age group. (Trends in Teen Pregnancy and Childbearing, 2014). The twenty nine point four birth rate was a decline of six percent from two thousand eleven. (Trends in Teen Pregnancy and Childbearing, 2014). Many different things affect teen birthrate, things like age, racial and ethnic group, and region of country. Teen birthrate is higher in African Americans and Hispanics than in Caucasians. According to (Trends in Teen Pregnancy and Childbearing, 2014), about eighty two percent of these teen pregnancies are unplanned, meaning that most teens are having intercourse just to have it, and are not planning on, or ready for a baby. In my opinion, you should only have intercourse if you fully understand the outcome, and are ready to have a child or are prepared for all outcomes. An estimated fifty nine percent ended in a live birth, fourteen percent of birth ended in miscarriage and twenty six percent ended in abortion. That
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