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When an organization is in a crisis, it dominates the organization’s agenda and requires immediate action. The way the organization responds to a crisis can differ in many ways. In this essay I would like to discuss the crisis of the British concern British Petroleum (BP). At first I would like to provide more information about the crisis and its consequences, then I will identify the kind of crisis we have to deal with, I will discuss the several communication strategies BP have used, I will explain the different reactions of the public on the crisis. At last, I will give the oil concern some advice, in case a reoccurrence takes place.

The BP oil spill
The BP oil spill was a big natural disaster in the Gulf of Mexico
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BP made mistake after mistake and it seems like Tony Hayward did not attend any media training.
It is almost impossible to deny that a lot of things went wrong in the communication concerning the explosion of the platform and the following oil spill of the British oil concern BP. In the first instance, BP denied there was oil leaking out of the oil well. After that BP trivialized the consequences of the ecocatastrophe. Even the CEO Tony Hayward made some dull statements. What did BP do wrong?
BP made a big mistake right after the explosion. They were not open and honest about the situation. First they denied the oil spill. When it became clear that there was definitely an oil spill, BP denied there would be any consequences for the environment and trivialized the situation later on. "The Gulf of Mexico is a very big ocean. The amount of volume of oil and dispersant we are putting into it is tiny in relation to the total water volume" said top executive Hayward, while scientists, biologists and satellite images proved the opposite. The photo shopped images of the crisis did little good for the oil concern.
In the first weeks of the crisis BP used two “Nonexistence strategies”. BP used the “denial strategy” which means that they gave a simple statement denying that the crisis existed. After the denial strategy BP used the “clarification strategy”. This strategy was an
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